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Fingerling Festival – May 3, 2014

Mark your calendars !  Our 23rd annual Fingerling Festival will be held on Saturday, May 3, 2014 at our Noons Creek Hatchery, located beside the Port Moody Recreation Centre.

Keep an eye on our website and Facebook page for further information:!/

Bennie’s Interpretive Trail

The interpretive trail loop is opening in Spring 2013 and is the culmination of two months of hard work by Dave Bennie, Brian Wormald and several other volunteers.  Teaming up with TD Tree Days and the Evergreen Foundation, approximately $2,000 worth of native trees and shrubs were planted around the hatchery and along the trail.  The trail is named after Dave Bennie and his father, Doug Bennie, both of whom loved the hatchery and volunteered countless hours ensuring its success.

PMES volunteers felt it would add more value if the planting and trail could be incorporated with a ‘tree identification plan’.  For this to happen, the public would need to be able to get into the forest to appreciate them.  So, under the direction of Dave Bennie, several short trails were planned to navigate the forest that surrounds the hatchery building.

After the planting, several footbridges over the beautiful small waterways were created using recycled materials and mulch was donated for use on the trail.  Metal plates are attached to trees containing the plant’s common name, scientific name and photo.  This is not only for the general public’s benefit but is now an adjunct to the PMES school programmes.