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Oiled Wildlife Response Training

Oiled grebeSome local community members, lead by Elaine Willis and Jane Thomsing, are looking into bringing an ‘Oiled Wildlife Response Training’ course to the Tri-Cities sometime in the future.

Please email your potential interest in the oiled wildlife response course to and they will be in touch with the details once they are confirmed.  [Please note the Port Moody Ecological Society is not running this course so please direct all questions to Elaine via the email address listed above].

Oiled Wildlife Firstresponder Training Needed In The Tri-Cities   

Port Coquitlam – Did you know that we have nothing in place in the Tri-Cities in the event of a significant oil spill to respond to the care and treatment of wildlife? I attended a gathering with like-minded people that are concerned about environmental sustainability, called Tri-City Greendrinks, last week. Green Drinks events occur around the world and are open to everyone. There were 32 concerned citizens, including several Tri-Cities elected municipal councillors, in attendance.Some might assume that we already have something like this in place and that the SPCA would be the organization equipped to look after birds smothered in oil.Wrong. Sara Dubois, the chief scientific officer at the BCSPCA, and Jane Thomsing, former employee and volunteer for the Wildlife Rescue Association, say this is not the case. They emphasize that we need education and oiled wildlife first responder training to handle this huge risk that has not been addressed. Port Moody Coun. Rick Glumac indicated he has attempted to initiate an open house in Port Moody with Kinder Morgan. Kinder Morgan continually postpones dates to answer the difficult questions – why is this? In response to the presentation, Tri-City Greendrinks facilitator Elaine Willis will be organizing oiled wildlife first responder training in the Tri-Cities through the Tri-City Green Council network.Nancy McCurrach, Port Coquitlam © Tri-Cities Now

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Elaine Willis

Elaine Willis