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Adipose Fin clipping

For a scheduled date of  Wednesday 27th May 2015, the Port Moody Ecological Society called upon some volunteers to help with our annual Coho Salmon fry adipose fin-clipping (around 9,500 of them!).

Special thanks to those volunteers that could make it on the day – to clip them before they are transferred to our rearing pond for the next 12 months while they smolt in readiness for their long journey to the Pacific.

Attending were: Eric Olsen, Cleone Todgham, Bruce Clark, Kuldip Manhas, Dave Bennie and Brian Wormald.

Super special thanks also to our friends at Mossom Creek ( who came along to help – special kudos to Ruth Foster (thanks for the muffins!), Neil Laffra, Kyle PilonPat Dennett and Jennifer Madoc-Jones!

And the day would not have been so successful without the guidance of our Fisheries & Oceans Community Advisor, Sandie Hollick-Kenyon and Fisheries & Oceans Tech, Scott Ducharme – thanks guys, done and dusted!!!

Apart from Ruth’s home-made blueberry muffins, to replenish our energy during a couple of much needed breaks, a questionably healthy lunch was provided by the Noons Hatchery – consisting of Cobbs Bread cinnamon rolls and Starbucks coffee; fetched by Dave Bennie.

All in all, a job well done – and quick considering the novices at the clipping table (myself included).  Thanks everyone……………….a fun an educational day!

There are some photos below, with the balance of them found at:


For background, the adipose fin is clipped off so that the hatchery raised salmon can be distinguished from a ‘wild’ salmon when they are adults. Recreational fishermen are allowed to keep ‘hatchery’ raised salmon when they catch them, but can’t keep ‘wild’ salmon – they must release them after catching.

Here is a Youtube video of some actual clipping (not ours):


20150527_132101 20150527_131911 20150527_131910 20150527_115529 20150527_112305 20150527_095337 20150527_095302 20150527_095250

Farewell salmon video – Fingerling Festival

On the first Saturday of each May, a bucket brigade of kids helps us to release 40,000 young Chum Salmon fry for the beginning the next crucial phase of their life-cycle.

Courtesy of supporters Anthony & Jodie, we have a small video of our young charges getting used to their new found freedom before heading to a bigger rearing-tank (also known as the Pacific Ocean)!

And for interest, the video was made by Anthony plunging his cell-phone into the water where the fry were being released!   Hasn’t technology come a long way?!


Bon voyage……..we’ll see you again in four years!

Thanks Anthony and Jodie for your fantastic cinematography…………..we truly appreciate it!

Bulbs – $5 a bag NOW ON SALE


Get your bags of Tulips and Daffodils!  Drop by the hatchery 9 – 11am Monday to Saturday.

Thanks to the City of Port Moody, we are again offering Tulip and Daffodil bulbs for sale for $5 a bag – with Hyacinths at $10 per bag.  Get yours now before they sell out – there is no limit on purchases.

Cash sales only.

We are a volunteer operated hatchery and are usually open six days a week from Monday to Saturday between 9am and 11am but please call us on 604-469-9106 if you are making a special trip.

All proceeds go to supporting your totally volunteer-run Noons Creek Hatchery.

Thanks for your fantastic support!!!!!