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Cypress Lake

Some of the PMES team hiked to Cypress Lake on Friday 6/12 to check on some reported damage to the valving in the dam at the outflow of the lake. The damage was confirmed and now we know what we are up against.  We will be following up with the necessary authorities to get it fixed – which will mitigate to some degree against the very early low-flows we have been getting in the creek.

That aside, it was a great hike amongst some beautiful country.  Some photos are included below……………the rest of the photos can be found here:

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Salmonid Sunblock!!!

A bunch of our amazing volunteers helped out last Saturday (6th June) by putting the shade cloth on our rearing pond so the young Coho fry don’t get sun-stroke – thanks guys!!!

And then the same amazing volunteers transferred the said Coho fry into the pond from the tank where they were living temporarily inside the hatchery.

All this under the watchful eye of hatchery stalwart, Eric Olsen.

Fun in the sun – nothing better – so come on down and be a part of our educational and fun activities!!!

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