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PMES-25th-Anniversary-CakeOn Wednesday, February 17 2016 at 7 pm, the Port Moody Ecological Society hosted their annual general meeting at the Port Moody Recreation Centre, 300 Ioco Road.

Formal AGM Proceedings:

1 – Reports of 2015 results and activities

2 – Election of 2016 Board of Directors
Your 2016 Board of Directors are as follows:

  • President – Brian Wormald
  • Vice President – Dave Bennie
  • Treasurer –  John Andrew
  • Secretary – Elaine Golds
  • Membership – Brian Wormald
  • Director of Hatchery Operationsno nominations – not filled
  • Director of Water Quality Lab – Jennifer Whitcher
  • Director of School Programs – Dave Bennie
  • Director(s) at Large – Jim Mattson, Nicole Maniago and Bryan Robinson

(Past-President – Dave Bennie)

We particularly welcome Nicole as our newest Director-at-Large.  A young, enterprising student who not only fills her days with scholastic pursuits (environmental studies) but volunteers for several ecological / wildlife organisations.  Not sure how she even manages to fit us in……..but sure glad she does!!!  Please extend a warm welcome to her next time you’re down the hatchery!!!

Guest Speaker:  Chris Cooper of Spirit Dancer Canoe Journeys (
Chris shared stories of a number of journeys by canoe on the British Columbia coast; a coast he knows extremely well. He is blessed to have an amazing relationship with our First Nations people, traveling the coast by canoe is an amazing way of experiencing the wonders of what he calls ‘The Jewel of Canada’. He also shared photos of some past trips in various parts of the world.


Chris has been in the professional guiding business for over 30 years organizing high-end custom expeditions to areas in Canada’s High Arctic and further afield. His expeditions have included: winter ski expeditions in remote areas in British Columbia and Canoe programs for Corporations, Private schools, Public schools, and ESL schools.

On March 31, 2007 Chris was inducted into the Ridge/Meadows Hall of Fame. Chris was instrumental in opening up the Voyageur Canoe business in Western Canada and owned the largest fleet of Historical Voyageur Canoes in Canada. He has had the opportunity of being a guest lecturer / speaker to many organizations over the past 20 years.




P.M.E.S. 25th ‘Siler Anniversary’ birthday cake!


PMES Director Jim Mattson (eldest member present) and PMES member Rowan Ducharme (youngest member present) do the honours in blowing out the candles on our 25th Anniversary birthday cake!!