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PMES / PoMo / Rotary – R.I.P.S.

For several years now, PMES has worked together with the City of Port Moody and the Port Moody Rotary organisation to organise, coordinate and provide tools for a great community project to remove invasive plant species from the Noons Creek / Shoreline Park area.  It has been very successful and rewarding for those that volunteer their time.

In fact, in 2016, we had over 100 people come along to help make it a fantastic and effective event.  The large piles of invasive plants left over for the City to pick up when the day was complete, was very impressive!!

Some of the 2016 volunteer crew……….and the pile of invasive plants that were pulled!!


For 2017, we are hoping for an even bigger turnout and an even more effective result…….come along and help us keep the shoreline and parkland areas of Port Moody healthy and natural. Nothing spoils a leisurely walk along a trail than to see trees coated in strangling English Ivy, or having Lamium coat the floor of what should be native ground cover.  Let’s rid the area of these invasive pests!

This years R.I.P.S. (Remove Invasive Plant Species) event is being held on Saturday October 14th from 09:30am to 12:30pm – and as an added bonus, we will throw in a free BBQ lunch!  Can’t beat that!

No experience is needed…….just a willingness to ‘RIP‘ invasive plant species out of the ground.

To register, please email your first and last name to

Tools and gloves will be available, but you may bring your own if you wish – just be sure to mark them clearly so you don’t lose them.

Please meet at the Noons Creek Salmon Hatchery around 09:15am, located to the right of the Port Moody Recreation Centre and Ice Hockey Rink. From the Hockey rink end of the Rec Centre, we are just over the Noons Creek footbridge and own the trail about 100 metres.  Here’s a Google Map to help locate:,-122.832342,356m/data=!3m1!1e3

We look forward to seeing many of you here on the 14th!!!!

Tip: Dress for the weather, wear long pants and sleeves, and bring your water bottle!