The Motley Crew!

Just wanted to share with everybody a rare ‘wild life‘ sighting at Noons Creek recently.

The photo shows most of the male ‘motley crew’ of the Port Moody Ecological Society standing on the footbridge at the mouth of the creek checking for adult spawners returning.

These gentlemen, and I use the term very loosely  🙂  are at the hatchery, in varying combinations, every day of the week.

Both Dave (green shirt) and Eric’s (far left of picture) volunteer contribution to the Port Moody Ecological Society totals around 50 years – they are the ‘Illuminati‘ of the hatchery – all seeing and able to shed light on anything!

Kuldip (grey beard) has been volunteering for a few years and is a great help to the Society – he was instrumental in the building of Bennies Trail!

Doug (blue jacket) has also been around a couple of years – and has been a mainstay of daily hatchery operational aspects when his work commitments permit.

The guy on the far right (without a cap) has been around about 5 years in different capacities and for some inexplicable reason, thought it a good idea to stand for President in 2015….we’ll see how that turns out!  🙂

The only one missing from the picture is our newest (and youngest) Board member, Bryan – and I’m sure we’ll get a shot of him sometime soon too!  A hydrologist by profession, he is very keen to get involved in the local community and will add much value to our society.  His work involves significant travel but he gets to the hatchery as often as he can.

We love EVERYONE of our volunteers – and many have contributed much to our cherished and community spirited organisation.  To all those who aren’t in this picture, we salute you!!!!

Come down and say ‘Hi’ to the rest of the team when you have a chance – we’d love to see you!!


From left to right in the photo below: Eric, Doug, Kuldip, Dave, Brian.

Photo credit goes to a new young volunteer from France, Aude Bertoncello, who is here with her boyfriend until December!

The Noons Creek 'Male Motley Crew'! From left to right: Eric Olsen, Doug Calder, Kuldip Manhas, Dave Bennie, Brian Wormald.

The Noons Creek ‘Male Motley Crew’! From left to right: Eric, Doug, Kuldip, Dave, Brian. (Photo credit: Aude Bertoncello)


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