Chum Egg-Take

P.M.E.S. had our 2015 Chum Salmon egg-take from the Alouette River today (November 7) – with subsequent fertilisation and incubation process back at the hatchery.  It was a VERY wet day and the catch was good but not as voluminous as we would have liked.  We took 7 female and 9 male – so that takes our grand total of Chum to about 18 ‘eggers’ (after our DFO Rep, Sandie got 11 female  and 12 male for us last Wednesday). It would appear that the Alouette Chum run is just about on it’s last legs…………………………..

But the day was great is many ways. There were a lot of newbies that had not seen this process before and learned a lot by jumping in and getting some hands-on experience. In fact, we probably had a record participation today so thanks to everyone that made it out!  And special thanks to Noons stalwart Eric Olsen for once again, getting things ready for us when we returned; and to our DFO Community Advisor, Sandie Hollick-Kenyon for organising the day!

I include some photos below, but there are many more at the link below.  As more people come forward with photos, I’ll add them to the link.!40645&authkey=!AKaDnTCPyVNLCyE&ithint=folder%2cjpg

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