Well folks………….what little rain we have been getting over the last day or so has obviously been an enticement to the Chum that have been milling around Burrard Inlet for some time.  Yes, we had some a few weeks ago when we got that absolute (but short) downpour, but finally they seem to be coming back in some numbers.  We still need a lot more rain however – as you’ll see exampled below, most fish are struggling with the low flows so far in the creek.

But if this rain keeps up – and it’s supposed to for the next 5 days or so – then we hopefully will have a creek full of fish by the end of the Halloween weekend!  Let’s hope the ghouls don’t scare them away!!!!  🙂

It had gotten so bad that when Dave had a school class the other day, he had to resort to using a very dilapidated and smelly carcass found in the creek to show the kids (first photo below). It had seen better days and obviously been a variety of critters meals for the few days days prior.  The kids really appreciated Dave taking the trouble to find one – but that interest waned significantly once the ‘aroma’ of decaying flesh filled their nostrils!!!!!    Dave himself was even struggling to deal with the smell……………………………

As with the Pink Salmon that came in a few months ago, the Chum have definitely take a liking to the ‘refurbished’ side-channel.  I would like to thank Eric, Doug and the rest of our amazing volunteer crew that undertook this work in the Summer season to make a ‘renovated’ home for our anadromous visitors!

Our elusive Coho population is still to show up in anything but the odd one or two………………….but again, the rain over the next few days should bring them streaming in – fingers crossed!

Here’s some photos below – and a couple of video links –  from the last few days………..enjoy!!!!

1) Chum in Noons Creek mainstem

2) Chum navigating entrance to side-channel

Photo credits go to P.M.E.S. volunteers : Aude Bertoncello and Brian Wormald


2015-10-23 Dave teaching 1

Dave+Chum3(2015-10-24) Dave+Chum2(2015-10-24) 20151026_101553 20151026_101049


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