Coho Video in the rearing pond

Our intrepid French volunteer, Aude Bertoncello (11th Nov 2015) captured some underwater footage of a gorgeous Coho pair in our channel leading from the rearing pond to Noons Creek.

The video is also a great education tool – you can easily differentiate the male from the female.  Upon their return to fresh water to spawn, both male and female Coho lose the stunning silver colour they have in the ocean and hue to a vibrant red.  The female retains the classic fish face with smooth lines and silhouette; whereas the male develops a very aggressive, hooked jaw. These characteristics are common to all species of Pacific Salmon.  Here ends your lesson for the day – you are now a salmonid expert!   🙂

Check it out………………the videos are not too shabby considering they were done with her cell phone.  Our understanding is that it was in a waterproof case at the time!!!!!   Whew!

Coho video #1   (video will open in new window; please give it a few moments to load)

Coho Video #2  (video will open in new window; please give it a few moments to load)

There are also some still photographs of the same fish below………………


DSCN0018 DSCN0020 DSCN0021 DSCN0024



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