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It seems the small run of Pink Salmon has run it’s course in Noons……..we haven’t seen any for over a week now.  BUT – our regulars are starting to show up…..Coho and Chum Salmon have now been spotted both at the mouth of the creek and further up.

A male / female pair of Chum were spotted spawning on October 13 near the footbridge over the creek leading to the Rec Centre……….see the video link below.  The next day they were gone.

We have also had some Coho enter our hatchery side-channel.  These were netted on October 13 from the flume under the trail outside the hatchery and placed in our broodstock tanks awaiting their ‘ripening’ before we harvest their eggs and milt (sperm).

Check out the photos and video link below………………

Photo and video credit goes to P.M.E.S. member Aude Bertoncello

2015-10-14  Chum Salmon 4

Female Chum digging her red near the footbridge to the Rec Centre. Male is slightly to the left of her.

2015-10-14  Chum Salmon 3

Closer look at the Male and Female Chum in Noons.

2015-10-14 catching coho 5

Bright and shiny Coho extracted from the flume outside the hatchery on 10/13.

2015-10-14 catching coho 4

Another Chum from the flume.

2015-10-14 catching coho 2

The usual suspects extracting Coho from the flume. Scott Ducharme (DFO) is wielding the dip-net!

Video: 2015-10-14 Chum Salmon 5


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