Project Update – Post Arrives!!!!

A huge milestone was reached on Thursday 9/28 when the large yellow cedar raw post arrived at the Noons Creek Hatchery.  The beautifully aromatic timber is sitting under the shelter at the front of the hatchery to be enjoyed by the public both visually and aromatically.

Our expert First Nations carver, James Harry will start carving from today (9/29/2017), and will be here Tuesday through Saturdays from 10am to 3pm until finished.  The goal is to have it ready for final placement and opening ceremony in June of 2018.

James was the star of the unveiling of the post design last night at the hatchery where about 30 people had gathered in celebration of the announcement.

Everyone is welcome to come down to see something quite unique – seeing this magnificent Welcome Post carving being created.

Image: Dave Bennie with the post.





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