Salmon Come Home

Fantastic, fun day at the Hoy / Scott Creek ‘Salmon Come Home’ Festival today!!! Lots of exhibitors (including P.M.E.S.) and activities for all.

Our friends from DFO (Scott & Maurice), Maple Creek Streamkeepers, Hyde Creek Watershed Society, Friends of DeBoville Slough, Burke Mountain Naturalists – plus Jay Peachy and his awesome coffee and singers, were all there to make it a super fun day.

Sadly though, fish were not exactly plentiful…………there were a few spawned out and dead Chum up and down the creek, but with the unseasonal absence of rain we’ve been having, wholesale access to the creeks has been lacking for these magnificent creatures. But with some forecast for later this week, lets help it along a little by keeping your fingers crossed!!!!!

Thanks Rodney (Hoy / Scott) and Caresse Selk (City of Coquitlam) for organising yet another great day!!

Here’s some photos from today………….enjoy!!!!

Photo credits go to P.M.E.S. volunteer Brian Wormald


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