Say ‘Hello’ PoMo

Say-Hi-Passerby(PMF)We here at the Port Moody Ecological Society like to think of ourselves as being community spirited and are working hard to establish a sense of local ambassadorship within the TriCities.

It is with that proud sense of community that we are pleased to promote a great new community building initiative by our friends the Port Moody Foundation……….Say ‘Hello’ PoMo!

A simple yet effective title that succinctly states how all relationships start – saying ‘hello’.  From that point, the possibilities are limitless……….the world has at times changed irrevocably, simply by someone saying ‘hello’ to someone else.

Please check out their web site, specifically the ‘Say Hello PoMo‘ page, and help us drive a deeper community spirit in Port Moody by ‘saying Hi to a passerby‘!

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